Ghostcraft Maps

Ghostcraft Warehouse

Ghostcraft Maps

Ghostcraft has been out for a few weeks now and it’s starting to get attention from some of the top Youtubers on the web. Ghostcraft makes you a ghost that hunts down survivors whose main mission is to kill you. You are invisible and the only thing they can see of you is a puff of smoke. Ghostcraft has 4 maps that are equally unique and have different advantages for the ghost and places to hide. 



This map is set inside a warehouse with tons of boxes and crates all over the ground giving you the ability to get vertical very fast if you need to. This map is good for the ghost if you want to perch up on the beams and look down on your soon to be victims and pick them off one by one. Another good thing about this map is that you can disappear very fast if you bob and weave between the boxes. If you don’t like dark areas then stay up on the catwalks because that’s the lightest part of the map.

Ghostcraft Warehouse



This map is a map that looks like something out of Predator. This map has long hallways and stair cases that let you run around efficiently as the ghost to kill people running around. Another good thing about this map is that as a ghost you can get on the roof and look down at the people below you and chase them down one by one. This map is pretty bright so you don’t have to worry about being trapped in a dark corner.

Ghostcraft Temple



This map is by far the darkest and most eerie of all the maps. Sewer is set in a sewer, obviously, and it’s a dark and dingy place that has waterways throughout the entire map and it’s perfect for the ghost to hide and creep around in it. The sewer offers the most protection for the ghost and the most vulnerability for the survivors. If you want a good jump from being attacked out of nowhere then play this map.

Ghostcraft Sewer



This map is by far the most balanced for both the ghost and the survivors. Kerrigan is a floating building that offers roof tops for the ghost and an open field of view for everyone else. This map is probably the most challenging for the ghost mainly because it causes people to clump up and travel in groups. If you’re able to separate them and make them shoot each other then you should win every time.

Ghostcraft Kerrigan

So far these are the only maps on the Ghostcraft server and hopefully more will be introduced as time goes on and more people get on. Each map has a 10 person cap so make sure that you get in before it fills up.

Click here to get the server list for Ghostcraft.

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Ghostcraft Maps

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