Minecraft Server List

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Minecraft Server List


Minecraft Server ListMinecraft is one of the biggest and most popular sandbox games ever created and its popularity is growing every day. Minecraft has a single player mode but it also has a multiplayer mode that allows you to play with others around the world.

There are thousands of servers out there right now, some good and some bad, and below will be a list of the top 15 most popular Minecraft servers out there for Minecraft.


Minecraft Server List


  1. Shaboozey.com – A multiplayer server that lets you free build or make towns and cities. Has an economy plugin built into it
  2. us.shotbow.net – A zombie survival server that resembles DayZ. There are 11 open servers so just change the 1 to any number from 1-11.
  3. us.shotbow.net – A server that takes The Hidden Source mod and turns it into a Minecraft game. There are 10 open servers so just replace the number 1 with a number from 1-10
  4. anthrox.eu – A free to build server that has an economy and towns you can build in
  5. waffleminecraft.com – A PvP, Hungergames, and survival server that lets you choose which game mode you want to play on. You can either build structures or kill people, your choice.
  6. skyblock.net – This server allows you to play the popular Sky Block mode that puts you on a very small floating island and has you to use the resources that are given to help you to survive.
  7. minecrafthungergames.com – This is a dedicated Hunger Games server that takes the idea of the Hunger Games and puts it into Minecraft.
  8. mc-war.com – This is a PvP server that turns Minecraft into Call of Duty. You can choose from many different game modes including some of the Call of Duty classics like Sabotage, TDM, and One in the Chamber
  9. mc-hg.com – This is another Hunger Games themed server
  10. hgb.citi-build.com – This server is another server that lets you choose from different types of game modes and it also allows you to do free building. This server has Dwarves vs Zombies, Skyblock, free build, and survival games.
  11. c.mcctf.com -  This is a strictly CTF type of server where you’re in games with other players to keep control of the map.
  12. horde.nl-mc.com -  This is a zombie survival server that is kind of like Left 4 Dead
  13. c.beastsmc.com – This server has Creative, Survival, and Hardcore game modes that you can choose from to play on.
  14. eu1-public.minez.net – A European server for those who want to play Minez.
  15. eu1-public.ghostcraft.net – A European server for those who want to play the Ghostcraft mod.

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Minecraft Server List

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