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PAYDAY: The Heist


Payday: the heist

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Payday: The Heist is a first person shooter that has you play as a robber executing a heist with his team in order to steal money, diamonds, and whatever else is valuable. The goal of the game is simple, rob a bank or somewhere that has valuables that you need and don’t get arrested. The game has you robbing banks, stealing from a gang, freeing prisoners and stealing diamonds from a highly guarded vault in order to get to the next heist or assignment that has been given to you.


The Good


What I like about this game was the ability to rely on your team to help you in a tight situation whether it be taking out a group of cops or reviving you because you took one too many bullets. The whole team dynamic works really well in this game and it causes you to work together rather than just bolting ahead to complete the mission on your own. The game has a co-op option where you can play with other people or your friends if you don’t want to play with a team of computers.

Payday: The Heist

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For a game that’s about $20 it looked pretty good overall with only a few problems when you looked at a building when running past it. Another thing that I enjoyed about Payday: The Heist was that it required you to choose your shots wisely because if you shoot a civilian you get penalized. The reason why I like this is because it makes you think before you shoot someone rather than just being able to go in and shoot anyone or anything that moves without consequence.


The Bad


There were some problems with this game sadly and the first one that I couldn’t stand was that the sensitivity for the PS3 version wasn’t sensitive enough and it felt like I was dragging every time I turned. I usually don’t play on max sensitivity on most games but for this on had me maxed out and it still felt slow.

PayDay: The heist

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The last problem I encountered was that during the prisoner freeing mission when I went into one of the transport trucks I got stuck and couldn’t get out. I tried for a good 5 minutes to jump out or strafe out but I would always hit the lip of the doors causing me to stay trapped in the truck while the fighting went on around me and it ultimately resulted with me having to restart the entire mission in order to get free. This only happened once but that’s because I didn’t go near another open truck after that incident.


The Conclusion


All in all Payday: The Heist is good game and the control setup is really easy to pick up on especially if you’re a C.O.D player because they have the exact same layout. Even with the sensitivity problems and the problem with getting stuck in a transport truck the game is still fun to play and it’s even better when you play it with friends.



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